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Connection and opportunity lie in wait for us everywhere…

As I strolled down London Bridge to a coffee shop for a meeting, I wanted to revel in the magnificence of my home city.

I felt such an immense sense of gratitude for being able to call a place like this my home with its countless opportunities and people. I grappled with the fact that Londoners got such a bad rep for always being in a rush, and rude, uncommunicative and unwilling to connect.

I paused to take a picture of the awesome Tower Bridge in the distance. As I got ready to carry on down the bridge after taking the picture, a man stopped me to ask if I would be able to take his picture in just the same spot.

As I have this idea that us born and bred Londoners are in short supply, I naturally assumed he was a tourist and asked how he was enjoying his time in London as I snapped away. He said, “Oh I live in London love!” His very heavy East End accent confirmed that quite quickly “And I love it!” He sounded just as enthused about this city as me.

He shared how had grown up in East London and was the author of a book very aptly called ‘Product of a Postcode’. I was intrigued and asked what the book was about. It was a story of his troubled childhood and how he ended up in jail as a result. Whilst in jail he prayed, to what or to whom he didn’t know, but he prayed. He promised that if he were to be let out of jail, he would dedicate his life to helping others. And so that is exactly what happened, he founded the charity ‘Product of a Postcode’ where he aimed to help London youth create their lives beyond the stigmas and prejudices of the postcodes they are being brought up in.

I was so touched and enthralled by this man Gary’s story as we continued walking down the bridge together. He asked me where I was from and the work I did and I shared that along with how I love my work as I am continually inspired by stories like his because, as a Life Coach, people who take their lives into their own hands to create radical and powerful transformations in the service of something far greater, is something that inspires me incredibly.

He was so interested in what I had shared that he invited me to do a workshop with his charity for an upcoming project they were creating to engage disengaged youth to put them on a better path in life so they would have the skills to function in the working world, helping them to understand working relationships and every other kind of relationship in life.

I was an immediate yes, as I knew I wanted to be of service in an even greater way. We exchanged details, hugged (I know, how very un-London like!) and looked forward to our next meeting to discuss and plan more.

As we parted ways, we took a photo together and both enthusiastically chattered that *this* is the reason we love London so much. That we live in a city full of the most interesting and intriguing people. Where the most beautiful opportunities lie in wait for us if we are willing to be open to them and are willing to be the ones that choose to engage and really connect with people beyond what is considered to be the ‘norm’, which is to rush on by these supposed strangers, no eye contact, no smiles, no connection.

Within each and every one of us lie worlds just waiting to be discovered and shared.

Whose world will you stop to connect with and discover today?

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