What’s the most direct route to what you want?

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This kid is an absolute bad ass!!!  She aims to be “the best drummer in the world” and with this much passion and enthusiasm I’m sure she can make it happen! Here she is drumming to the awesome Led Zep’s ‘Good Times Bad Times’, which is such an awesome tune and from the *very little* I know about drumming, it’s not an easy track to play.

It reminded me again of how I wanted to to learn the drums so badly as a 9/10 year old, asking Dad if he could sign my school’s music lessons form and him advising I should probably wait until we move into a bigger house to accommodate a kit (and the noise I’m sure)! We did move around 4 years later and by then I began focusing on learning the piano instead. But watching this little girl made me think about what would’ve happened if I had chosen to pursue this desire.

It made me think about how easily a dream and desire can be cast aside for seemingly “practical/logical/sensible” reasons. We can often use these reasons to create strategies to *not* create the things we most desire. In a lot situations, there are often very direct routes to getting towards what we want, and it’s up to us, either on our own or with help, to explore the best route there.

I remember reading once how Dave Grohl, used to set his pillows up in a drum formation and use that to learn. This led him to become an extremely powerful drummer for one of rock’s biggest bands, Nirvana and one of the world’s most successful rock musicians. All this beginning from a very simple, ingenious and accessible way for him to master his art.

When you think about some of the things you most desire to have or experience in life, what would be your most direct route to them?

Another passion and desire of mine as a 9 year old was wanting to learn how to race cars, I obviously had a penchant for loud, noisy and powerful things! This however, isn’t a desire I have forgotten to do something about – watch this space!  Happy exploring! xxx





Photo by Matthijs Smit on Unsplash

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