At the top of the mountain

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Together we made it to the top of the mountain,

we began to see all that was possible and real.

I was filled with awe, 

a sense of nervous excitement, joy and adventure.

We stood there for a while,

holding hands.


And then someone quietly whispered in my ear, 

“Remember, you’re afraid of heights”.


I let go of your hand and fell.



I share this with you because…

  • It’s real
  • I choose to be authentic and am willing to be vulnerable, there’s so much freedom that lies inside of living this way
  • It’s a real experience that we may have all encountered in some form or another be it in romance, family, health, career, anything. I want to share that sometimes the voice of fear can be so subtle but has the power to take us out if we let it and aren’t conscious of it. And so it’s something I have chosen to bring to my conscious awareness so I can be better, so that I can be free
  • It’s me choosing to not hold anything back, to truly be free
  • It’s me choosing to display my ‘human-ness’ and not disconnect, to truly be free
  • It’s me allowing myself to be heard, to truly be free
  • It’s me actively failing, my favourite kind! And not being afraid to, to truly be free
  • It’s me recognising that even though we may fall, the places we land can be filled with such beauty and opportunity, if we’re truly willing to see

Love. Light. Miracles xxx

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