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I’m a few months late to the party but here’s my contribution to the #sideprofileselfie movement and celebration of my AWESOME NOSE created by the fab journalist, Radhika Sanghani!

For most of my life, yet another area of my body that was a huge point of contention was the size and shape of my nose. It’s considered a bit of a corker by some random group of peoples that I’ve never met before standards. And therefore I chose to take this on as another problematic relationship I could create for and with myself and another way to self-inflict hate and disgust towards the way I looked (just in case I hadn’t found enough on my list already)!

Photos taken head-on, not too high, not too low, were the only ones I deemed to be acceptable for a long time: anything else was an abomination to my eyes and everyone else’s! Again, all because of this conditioning I’d received around me about what the ‘perfect nose’ was supposed to look like, as again people around me had no qualms sharing what they felt about my nose too. This is the one part of my body that I actually thought plastic surgery would be acceptable for! I mean – WHAT?!?!

Now, I love the odd, funny and quirky way that in an angled photo you can’t quite see my other eye so clearly or fully because my nose feels it’s better that it be seen instead.

I love the way that when I went to some fancy pants Opticians for an eye test in Hipsterville a few weeks ago, it took ages for fancy pants machine to take a look in my eye because my nose felt that again, it was more important than my eyes and couldn’t let me get close enough to the machine because of it’s presence. On a serious note though, why do Ophthalmic services not take these ergonomics into consideration?!

Ohhhhh yes and I have come to love that age-old problem of glass too small for the nose to allow me to completely finish my drink! Ah, the joys of a larger snout!

But what I love the most is that this nose of mine allows me to smell wonderful and not so wonderful things and breathe so deeply and live this beautiful life and that it forms part of the very unique me! I love you nose! 💖👃💖

So don’t let my beak be the only one that steals the show here today! I’d love to see your #sideprofileselfies here too! Actually, just share a pic of anything that you’ve made “wrong” for far too long! Let’s keep it PG though, there are kids here! 

Oh and a big shout out to my bushy eyebrows, fluffy face, uncombed hair and knobbly knuckles too – respek! 

Featured photo by Atanas Teodosiev on Unsplash. The other one, definitely my own! 


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