My Favourite Things – May 2016

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Hey gang! I am making good progress with My Favourite Things posts now – woohoo! Bali & Melbourne ones coming to you soon. Until then, here are my May gems. But first, a favourite quote for this month…

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” ~ Joseph Campbell


  • I am SO excited and honoured to have been chosen to become one of Katherine Woodward Thomas’s ‘Calling in “The One”‘ Love and Relationship coaches! I picked up her amazing book ‘Calling in “The One”‘ again in preparation and was reminded of just how beautiful and powerful a book it is. If you’re looking to cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself and feel ready to call in your romantic partner, I can’t recommend this book and Katherine’s process highly enough! And if you would be interested in working with me early in the new year, get in touch. It would mean the world to me to work with you and help manifest happy and healthy love into your life!
  • I seem to have a Marianne Williamson recommendation every month but I feel her work is so powerful and she is such a brilliant teacher. I had been meaning to read her book ‘The Law of Divine Compensation‘ for a long time now and the divine compensation itself came into effect when my sister gifted me with a copy! If you would like to learn more about how to take spiritual principles and miracle minded thinking and apply them to your work, money and career, look no further than this book. She has expanded and illumined my mind yet again.
  • The night before my ‘Calling in “The One”‘ interview, my friend Gabor serendipitously recommended a book to me by Rich Litvin called ‘The Prosperous Coach‘. I started reading it immediately and it has been enlightening. If you’re a life coach, this book is a must read as it gives great insight and strategy into how to provide more value to your clients and yourself. 
  • Since Gok Wan introduced me to the concept of capsule wardrobes during my teens, I have always been interested in and tried to incorporate the principles of minimalism into my life as it’s always something that I’ve been attracted to from a design perspective. So when I moved into my own place, I definitely wanted to create more of it and even more so when I decided to begin living my “unlived life“. Greg McKeown has written an amazing book called ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less‘ where he discusses how through doing less but applying focus to do and be better in the process, you will be led to your highest possibility of contribution. He really teaches how to concentrate your time and effort on doing the right thing instead of trying to do everything. He reminds us of our ability and right to make choices in our own lives and the kind of leverage it affords you. I really loved this book and it’s definitely one I’ll be referencing regularly as I try to implement more essentialism into my life.

Health & Beauty

  • A random recommendation I know but after having to endure a 2 month kitchen renovation at my parents home that should have only taken 2 weeks, the slow cooker became our best friend! Minimal effort but really tasty and healthy meals as a result. The alkaline and vegan bean chilli with hassleback sweet potato is my favourite. Recipe for that coming soon!


Oh how I love and am so grateful for the people in my life!

  • During May, I had the opportunity to work with my beautiful friend Amber of Climb Out Of The Cubicle, designing one of her free ebooks on how to get your projects started and finished effectively. If you’re interested in ditching the 9-5 office/cubicle life in search of something more inspiring, head on over to her website to get loads of tips on how to do so. She also does brilliant podcasts, coaching programmes and all sorts to get you inspired and active!
  • My wonderful friend Gabor Marton who I met through the Tony Robbins community many years ago is in the process of expanding his Life Coaching services. I have been working with him for the last few months and he is truly brilliant; so supportive and encouraging. Watch this space as I will be including a link to his work here very soon.
  • Another brilliant friend and life coach David Saville is a man you must check out too! If you want someone that will really push you for results, is ever present and full of heart as well as solutions, he is most definitely your man! 

Places & Spaces

  • This month’s foodie update is Mildreds veggie and vegan restaurants in Soho, Camden and King’s Cross. They have the most delicious baba ganoush guys!

Art & Design

  • Do you love your jewellery to be jam packed with soul, spirit and divine energy as well as being beautiful to wear? If so, you absolutely must check out Rock & Raw. I was lucky enough to interview with them during May and got to know the founder, Lucy Sherwood’s inspiring journey from working in the legal world to pursuing her soul’s calling to be a Yogi and soulful jewellery designer. Not only beautiful and but inspiring too!

Other Fab Stuff…

  • A big thank you to my friend Aziz, who has been helping my family and I tirelessly with our crazy renovation project! If you’re looking for super service from your estate and letting agents that cover the following London areas; Haringey, Hackney, Islington and Enfield, then Locus are your guys!  
  • And just because this one made my sisters and I giggle, if you’re familiar with the London Underground and all of its quirks, this sketch is definitely worth a watch!

Thanks for checking this month’s post out my lovlies! Here’s to more amazing faves next month. Until then, wishing you Love. Light. Miracles. xxx

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  1. Amber Rose Monaco (@TheAmberMonaco) says:

    What an honor to be mentioned, Arti! I can’t wait until we can hang out again.

    1. Arti Designs Her Life says:

      Me too! Counting down the days! And of course you’d be mentioned, your work is amazing and you’re having such a massive impact, it just has to be shared!! ??? xxx

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