My Favourite Things – June 2016

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June was a busy month for me as I threw myself into the ‘Calling in “The One”‘ Love & Relationship Coach Training. It’s been so informative and challenging but I’m loving every minute of it! It really feels so right. Remember, if you’re interested in working through the CITO process with me in the New Year to call happy and healthy love in to your life, send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!

So here goes, some of My Favourite Things from June ’16. And as always, to start things off, a favourite quote…

“Honour your humaness, assume your divinity” ~ Danielle LaPorte


  • As part of my training I have a heap of books on relationships to get through before the year is out and the first one I began reading was Katherine Woodward Thomas’s ‘Conscious Uncoupling‘. This the book I wish I had through my former breakups! Just like ‘Calling in “The One”‘, it’s so nurturing and inspiring in its approach to understand and unpack the process of romantic separation. For me, I felt at ease instantly when Katherine started applying adjectives to the waves of emotions and phases people experience during a breakup. Even though I am not going through the immediate pain of the breakup now, I felt like I was truly understood and being taken care of from the outset. Katherine’s brilliant deconstruction of the myth of ‘happily ever after’ is so kind to the readers in that it prevents them from thinking of themselves as ‘failures’ and more as evolutionary beings. The inspiring stories of just what is possible when you engage wholeheartedly in a conscious uncoupling process really provides you with the hope that your partnership with your former lover can continue to take on an entirely new and evolved form, as what is often the most heart breaking part of separation is the feeling that your partner will no longer be in your life in anyway. However, the stories provide so much inspiration as to how this can be so and how you can both continue to call in the romantic love you so want and desire in the future. Katherine also provides a great deal advice on how to safely uncouple from difficult and challenging relationships too. A key section for me was where Katherine delved into what a friendship with a former lover should be like as often these lines can become blurred and dangerous to a true, conscious uncoupling. Not oblivious to the fact that I or people I know may encounter future break ups, I now have an entirely different way of viewing and approaching them with the intention of ensuring that if this sad situation ever arises, both my former partner and I can have the opportunity to do this as consciously and as lovingly as possible.


  • Baffled by social media and how you can utilise it as part of your marketing strategy? Then Crowdbabble are you go to for expert advice on how to hone your social media strategy skills. This Toronto based company is well worth checking out and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with their UX Designer, Katie Meyer in Bali this year and she was full of such great advice and tips. Here’s a piece she wrote on harnessing social media for new businesses. Thank you for featuring ‘Arti Designs Her Life’ Crowdbabble!
  • Escape The City hosted a brilliant evening of ‘Great Escapes’ last month with an amazing line up of speakers worth checking out:

Places & Spaces

  • The Royal Academy of Art’s Atelier Cafe is a really lovely spot to catch up over coffee.
  • I finally had the opportunity to check out Cook Daily‘s delicious vegan, oriental inspired food at Boxpark. Really tasty stuff and great location to be amongst the hubbub of Shoreditch on a Friday night.
  • One of my favourite places to work, hang out and drink is The Hoxton Grill so it was lovely to be back here again last month. And if you’re looking for a great place to stay in London, check out their hotel too.
  • Last month I was lucky enough to work in another co-working space in London, the Camden Collective. They have converted a disused 1930s hospital into a cool, co-working space for those in the creative industries.

Health & Beauty

  • Alphonso Mangoes were the food of the month in June and I was in heaven! It was so frequently available at home so I gave making a summery ‘Ginger & Mango Crumble‘ a try, it was heavenly. And it’s vegan and refined sugar free to boot!
  • I love a good veggie burger, especially during summer and I’ve been loving this vegan black bean burger recipe on Buzzfeed that is so simple and easy to make and it doesn’t fall apart either! You may just want to up the spice quantities if you like you bean burgers spicy.

Other Fab Stuff…

  • Mark Stevenson alerted me to the fact that I was not offsetting my carbon footprint at all and just how much of an oversight this was. Carbon offsetting has always been on my ‘to-do’ list but honestly, it never made it anywhere near the top. But for all of the Earth’s resources we use without a second thought and the rate at which we are consuming them, offsetting can’t afford to be so low on my agenda and so Stand For Trees really stood out to me as a project I wanted to contribute towards to at least start to give back in some way. There are many ways and projects to which you can contribute and you can be completely flexible as to how much and when you want to give. There are some really fantastic projects that they are working on and it’s really interesting to see how much of a difference your contributions can make.

Thanks for stopping by again and wishing you Love. Light. Miracles. xxx

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