My Favourite Things – April 2016

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Hi guys, I’m back! Sorry for the long radio silence. It’s been quite a period of readjustment since I returned home from my travels to Bali & Melbourne, lots of logistical bits and bobs to get sorted to keep creating space for more of the awesome stuff! Getting there slowly but surely.

So at the end of 2015, I promised to keep sharing with you all the wonderful things I have encountered throughout the month and I didn’t want to go back on that promise so expect a few back to back posts to fill in the gaps from February up until now. Let’s get April started with one of my favourite quote that popped up again for me this month and seems so appropriate for where I am in my life and I hope the same for you…

“Be realistic, plan for a miracle” ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Early April saw my return back home to London after two and half months abroad and I encountered many wonderful things…

Courses, Resources & Communities

  • The awesome Marianne Williamson made her ‘Invoking the Romantic Mysteries‘ 3-day seminar available online for all of us to take part in the magic she created over the Valentines weekend. I’ve written about her take on relationships before, which is that relationships are our greatest opportunities for growth and a space in which to allow our wounds to heal. In this seminar, she goes into all of these topics in much more depth and how the principles can be applied on a practical level. I think I am in love with all of the work this woman produces but if you’re looking to take your romantic relationship to the next level or to create a truly enchanted relationship, this is definitely worth the investment. 
  • To keep the momentum going from all of the insights and moments of clarity I received whilst travelling, I have really been enjoying working my way through Danielle LaPorte’s ‘The Fire Starter Sessions Audio Course‘. You receive 16 days worth of audio in which Danielle explains topics such as fear, money, failure, dreams, reality, etc. and then you’re given a set of questions for you to really dive deep into how these topics affect your life and in turn the business you want to create. I’ve had some incredible insights through it and seen so many of the things I written down, already springing into action. Powerful stuff!
  • I loved this TED talk by Tim Urban where he delves into the mind of a procrastinator as I have been one for as long I can remember! Informative and entertaining.
  • If you already are vegan or are thinking of incorporating more vegan food, products, etc. into your life then the ‘Vegan Life Magazine‘ is a really great resource for recipes, shops, products and also providing you with a general awareness on the lifestyle.


  • Last year I had the opportunity to help Joe Barnes’ of ‘Screw The System‘ redesign the cover to his brilliant book ‘Escape the System: 50 insights on how to live an extraordinary life’. He released it in April so if you’d like a free copy head on over to the website to receive one.

Mind & Spirit

  • Since I’ve been back, I have been trying out a weekly reflection exercise to stay mindful of how I am spending my time and make sure that I am doing more of what matters and aware of how I am feeling. I can’t quite remember where I came across this set of questions but if you’re interested here they are. I just set aside 5-10 minutes at the end of each week, so it’s nothing onerous and jot down my responses to the following:
    • What did I learn this week?
    • What was my greatest accomplishment?
    • When did I fail?
    • Is there anyone who deserves a big thank you?
    • What are my fears?
    • What do I need to do more of?
    • What do I need to stop doing?
    • What are 3 goals I want to accomplish next week?
    • What will I do to achieve these goals?
  • Who loves angel card readings? I had never really been that into the angel therapy work until fairly recently and then someone mentioned Doreen Virtue to me out in Bali, so I checked out her work and loved the daily card readings on Instagram. A really lovely little way to start your day and a reminder of how to stay grounded in your true spirit. 

Places & Spaces

After the abundance of vegan delights in Ubud and Melbourne I was worried that London just wouldn’t compare in that department but I’m glad to see more and more places catering for this lifestyle:

  • Black Cat Cafe is a 100% vegan and cooperatively run shop and cafe in Hackney.
  • Everyone who knows me, knows I can’t get enough of vegan desserts and so I was very excited to venture into Ooh Lou Lou in Stoke Newington which has a range of vegan cakes and cupcakes. They made a beautiful cake for my sisters birthday too. So awesome (and slightly dangerous) to have these guys on my doorstep!
  • I couldn’t get enough of the digital nomad/location independent lifestyle after my experience in Bali so was very happy to see the newly opened Sapid Coffee (Stoke Newington) round the corner from home which is a lovely coffee shop with free WiFi, which I have really enjoyed working from. It has a lovely Apple & Cinnamon tea too!

Health & Beauty

  • It’s so great to come across another make-up brand creating quality vegan products. Check out Kat Von D‘s vegan range. They’re based in the US and I don’t think they ship internationally as yet but you can grab their products online at Sephora.

Other stuff!

  • As I mentioned earlier, April saw me really getting on top of my schedule and what I wanted to spend more of my time doing so I finally jumped on the Moleskine bandwagon and bought myself fab weekly planner. I find putting pen to paper so much more powerful and affirming than organising my calendar digitally and so I’ve really enjoyed using it and have found myself being so much more effective too, as there’s so much space to doodle, plan, write down random thoughts and quotes. Highly recommended! 

Until next time folks, wishing you Love, Light & Miracles! xxx

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