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It’s so interesting and serendipitous how every week I tend to find a running theme is explored in my sessions with current clients, conversations with past clients and people that are interested in hearing about my work.

This week it was the turn of Motivation!


I know in the past I’ve turned motivation into a “thing”. Something I need to have in order for me to act. This is where I went wrong, time and again.

I assumed that finding my motivation would be the catalyst for me to create whatever it is that I most wanted. We make motivation into a thing, which it is not.

Life, at its essence, is SIMPLE. If I want something deeply enough and know WHY I want it, I’ll do whatever is required to get me there.

Before trying to act, I need to create the space for me to CONNECT DEEPLY to why I want to work towards a goal or a dream.

I want it to become compelling enough for me to put in the HARD WORK that is required, to want to move heaven and earth to know what it no longer a goal or dream but a deep, deep DESIRE.

I don’t need to find or create the motivation, I don’t need to feel motivated, I just need to know what I want and why so I can then do the work. Simple.

This picture is of me and my amazing friend Paul, a brilliant Sports Coach and athlete in Sierra Espuña, Spain, in October. Paul set himself the mega challenge of completing 1000 squats in a day. OMG! When my coach David, told me of his challenge, he asked if I would like to join in. Without any hesitation, I said yes! Just a bit of background here, at this point I think I’d done a total of 5 squats in my entire life, so this was going to be quite a challenge for me!

But as I create yet more and more freedom with my body, I have become increasingly aware of how little I’ve used my body as a result of all of these beliefs I’ve held about it in the past and the last couple of years have been dedicated to exploring my physicality and all the awesome things my body can do and have yet to discover.

So why did I want to put myself through attempting 1000 squats in one day?! Because I am deeply committed to finding out all of the amazing things my body can do and the strength it holds, I am no longer willing to hold myself back. My why was strong and so it began.

We started at around 11 am (in between rock climbing) and by the time we reached 10/11pm, we were at 700! 700 SQUATS! I managed to do 700 squats in one day! At times it felt absolutely excruciating, my legs felt like they were made of leaden weights, my lungs felt tight and I really didn’t know where the next push would come from. But I knew my why and I kept connecting to it deeply. At no point did motivation even come into it. In just one day, I managed to do 695 more squats than I had done in my whole life! RESULT!


Postscript: Paul very much carried on through the night and absolutely smashed his goal by doing 1000 and a bit more! I decided to make a very empowered choice of stopping at 700 as a) I was thrilled at my new accomplishment and b) I also have a deep commitment to my sleep routine to keep living my extraordinary life (one to save for another post I’m sure) and was happy to call it a day there.

PPS I now get frequent praise from my Personal Trainer on the quality of my squat technique 😉 Brucie Bonus!


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