Life By Design: Travel Learn Earn – Dr. Matthew Horkey

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Here is my interview with the wonderful Dr. Matthew Horkey author of ‘Travel Learn Earn: Let the world be your guide to freedom’. As a trained Chiropractor, Matt knew that he wanted to live life differently and impact the globe with all the chiropractic philosophies, personal and spiritual development tools he had acquired over the years and so embarked on a journey to travel and practice around the world. I was so inspired by Matt, his lifestyle and his persona that I just had to sit down and pick his brain, if only for a few minutes before he jetted off again!

Matt shares with us his experiences of why he decided to hit the road, what inspired him and how he stayed true to his vision even through the extremely testing moments. He also shares two tools with us that have really helped him live a life in alignment with his values and his vision that can help us all stay true to ours.

Matt can be found sharing his wonderful work at:

Please share with anyone you think could really benefit from hearing Matt’s story. Lots of Love. Light. Miracles. to you my friend! Big hugs! xxx


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