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A couple of months ago, as part of my Advanced Dedicated Coaches Training, I was required to coach 3 people in any area of their lives in 30 minutes. I LOVED the assessment and the conversations I got to have so much so that I committed to making sure it became a regular addition to my coaching practice to be able to offer this. This work honestly makes my heart soar; bearing witness to people taking the steps towards creating true transformation in an area of their life that means the most to them. And so from today, it becomes my regular practice and I’m going to one-up my original idea!

As you may know, over the last 2 months, I have been bringing a lot of my focus to the world of body image, confidence and appreciation and it’s an area that I am hugely passionate about as a result of my own personal journey in this area of my life. So I would love to help YOU or anyone you know who may benefit from this to help you begin creating lasting freedom and transformation in the relationship you have with your body too! And so this week I have opened up 3 spots for a *NO-FEE 60-MINUTE COACHING SESSION* with me!

If you feel that you have struggled for far too long in learning to accept and love your body but are ready for this to change deeply then I would love to help you.

Please comment below or message me directly to express your interest and we can get a virtual coaching session arranged this week.

Much love xxx


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