Life By Design: My New Vlog Series!

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So I’ve taken the plunge and started my own YouTube channel! Eeeeeek! My reasons? Well in the spirit of being courageous and trying new things, this suddenly added itself to my list last week!

Last year, once I really got into the flow with my blog, I thought to myself just how privileged I’ve been over my personal development journey to meet such a wealth of inspiring souls, all of whom are leaving a beautiful mark on this world and I just had to share their stories.

‘Life by Design’ will be a series of interviews with these amazing people to delve a little bit deeper into why they have chosen to live their lives that little bit differently. And as with all affairs of the heart and journeys of passion, how they faced both the highs and the lows that came up along the way. They all have such wisdom and a wide range of tools in their belts to live extraordinary lives and I want to share this wisdom and the practical tools they use with the world so we can all too can leave our beautiful marks on the world!

So here is a short introduction to the project and watch this space for the first set of interviews coming your way!

Please note: public speaking has never really been my forte and as this was a fairly spontaneous decision, I am not fully equipped with high end equipment or even a script! So please excuse my slightly unprepared journey into this new world, this may be a bumpy road, such is life!

Love. Light. Miracles.

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