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Last year I sat next to a lady on the bus as I headed to see a former coaching client of mine perform a beautiful recital. As I sat next to her, I glanced over at the book she was reading “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie and so asked her about it.

We ended up talking deeply for the next 25 minutes of the journey, before disembarking at the final stop, Euston. It was from there that we were going to head in separate directions and as we parted, I gave her hug and shared just how lovely it was meeting her and hearing about the exciting journey she was about to embark on with her new career.

She shared very much the same sentiment as she hugged me back and said: “It was so lovely meeting you Arti, I learnt so much talking to you, I really hope I bump into you again!”

I expressed that we didn’t have to leave it to fate and that I would love to stay in touch to hear how she’s getting on with her brand new life change. She said she’d love to and we exchanged contact details.

As we parted ways and I walked to the recital, I couldn’t help but think why this lovely lady was leaving our chance encounter to chance again for us to potentially bump into each other in this city of over 8 million people!

And so it made me think, how often people must be doing this in so many areas of their lives.

Where do we let seemingly miraculous encounters, opportunities and serendipitous moments pass us by because they feel too good to be true?

Where do we hand over the responsibility and opportunity of developing deep and meaningful relationships, fulfilling careers and all-round extraordinary lives, to someone or something else?

How could you become more proactive with the connections you make and the opportunities that come your way? And what could you create in your life as a result?

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