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Tired of having spent most of 2020 in your PJ’s, without running a comb through your hair for days on end?!

Are you ready to stand out as you date, on Zoom or in-person, for all the right reasons?!


Then, I’m super excited to share with you that I’m beginning the “In Conversation With…” series in 2021 where I’ll be going live with experts on my Instagram channel, who will have you absolutely slaying your dating life next year! Pandemic or not, we’ll have you back in the driving seat of your love life, Fearlessly Dating!

To kick us off on Thu 7 Jan @ 8pm GMT, I’ll be speaking with Loulou Storey. Loulou has over 17 years of experience working with women to find their style and unleash their power through their clothing. LouLou vows to help women not just look good but feel remarkable every day, to rebuild, re-connect and see the beauty that exists within them and take back control of their futures.

On Thu 14 Jan, 8pm GMT, I’ll be continuing the theme with Nick Hems, Personal Brand & Style Expert for men. Nick is fascinated by the way we form first impressions and how that dictates how others engage with us. He believes our styling, the way we dress, communicate and present ourselves in front of others is an immensely personal, emotive and empowering thing. Nick is extremely passionate about helping men of all ages achieve more success, create more opportunity and show up as the best possible versions of themselves.

And on Thu 21 January, 8pm GMT, once you have your wardrobe sorted you’ll be wanting to capture all that style! I’ll be speaking with Saskia Nelson, the founder of Hey Saturday! a multi-award winning photography agency who has been credited by Time magazine and the BBC for creating the genre of dating photography, being recognised as the leading industry expert in the UK, Europe & US on all things dating photo related. Hey Saturday! have worked with more than 4,000 awesome single people helping them to create outstanding photos, enabling them to get out there & reclaim their dating life.

What a line up right?! Absolutely not one to be missed! Get these dates in your diary and we can wait to be with you!


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