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I would love to take the opportunity to wish you all a very happy WABI SABI Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who are wondering what an earth I’m on about, Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection.

I know for a lot of us, Valentine’s Day is no big thing at all, not even a blip on the radar. For some of us it is a wonderful time to express how much we love those in our lives. For others of us, it can serve to highlight a huge gaping hole or void in our lives. And for some, it is a reminder that our love lives are not quite as we’d hope they’d be, be we in or out of an intimate relationship.

Wherever on the scale we lie, let’s take the time today to appreciate wherever we are in its all its wabi sabi glory.

I know for one that my heart is feeling a little tender today, it’s bittersweet and lovely. I love how the ‘imperfection’ of today has me thinking, feeling, creating and living in an entirely new and unprecedented way. Edging ever closer to my version of an extraordinary life and extraordinary love.

I love my slightly cryptic entry from my journal on this day 2 years ago whilst living in Bali, I think it perfectly captures the wabi sabi nature of life: “I’m getting there, wherever there is. But I’m also there, and there is here. I am here and it’s great. Haven’t been here for a while. It feels just like home.”

If your Valentine’s isn’t quite the way you’d imagined and/or hoped, what gem do you think is waiting to be unearthed inside of your current reality…?

Everyday we are constantly making choices. And if we are aspiring to live a life that is filled with deep love then what choice could we make today that will kickstart that?

Life doesn’t happen ‘out there’ somewhere and then at some point we catch up with it, when the circumstances are right and all the stars have aligned. No, life is happening now. And what we do now will naturally affect where we go.

And so again, what gem do you think is waiting to be unearthed inside of where you currently are…? What clue is being revealed to you to help you start living your life of deep love today?

On a day like today, it can be very easy for us to get caught up in the ‘comparison trap’. The part of us that looks at everyone and everything around us wondering how they got it so ‘right’ and we keep getting it so ‘wrong’. Let’s not waste our precious energy doing that. Remember, what we ‘see’ are only the parts that we’re privy to and are choosing to see. Some of these comparisons, when we look below the surface, may not be things we necessarily want and if they are well, I’m certain they’re just as challenging as what we feel we are experiencing too.

Last month, I decided restart my A Course in Miracles workbook exercises from lesson 5 again and the miracle is not lost on me that my lesson for today is ‘I am determined to see‘ and so today that is exactly what I am choosing to do. See beyond my judgements, beyond my expectations and ideals, self-imposed plans and so much more.

Yesterday was the International Day of Self-Love, a day for showing yourself lots of love and compassion. How about today acts as our International Day of Love & Compassion for All? To extend love and compassion to ourselves and beyond, to just stop and appreciate where we all are, the journeys we’ve all been on and where we’ve all yet to go. I’m sure each and every journey has been, is and will be perfectly imperfect and so lets use today to appreciate them in all their wabi sabi glory.

With much love, light and miracles to you on this day. Happy Valentine’s Day! xxx

Photo by Tanalee Youngblood on Unsplash

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