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Happy New Year! I’m a tad late as we now have our feet firmly planted in February but sitting back and watching how January unveiled was just so interesting. I watched my inbox and social media feeds fill with endless posts about setting New Year’s resolutions, breaking New Year’s resolutions, 8th January = Divorce Day, 21st January = Blue Monday, Dry January, Broke January. If anything could possibly go wrong in life, January likely had a date scheduled for it! Poor Jan, you get such a bad rap!

With so much un-inspiration, it’s no wonder people want to get out of the month as quickly as possible!

The chances are that we’ve tried that new year resolution we set out a few times now in a few different ways and it’s not quite gone to plan, for some it may have crashed and burned within the first few days or weeks of the year. For some, the resolution was way too specific and didn’t leave any room for inspiration and creation. So specific that it’s transforming one area of our lives but the other areas don’t even get a look in and feel completely stagnant.

But what if things could be different? What if we didn’t have to wait another 365 days until we got the chance to give ourselves the fresh start, the new beginning, the new lease of life that the promise of a New Year brings?

I remember that for most of my teenage and adult life, my new year resolution always stayed the same: “this is the year I put on weight”. But I never got any closer to achieving that goal, there was no plan of action, no metrics of what I was supposed to be aiming towards, no source of inspiration to guide me. And let me not forget to mention that it totally overlooked the fact that putting on weight didn’t need to be the goal but a serious dose of self-acceptance and self-reflection did!

This resolution was getting me nowhere pretty fast. There had to be a better way, right?

Cue 2015, a year in which I was determined to find this better way and it came in the form of giving my year a theme. I figured this had to be more fruitful as I could apply it across the board. Whichever theme I set, I would have to see how I could incorporate and transform every area of my life. And so it began…

2014: My Year of Mindful Action

2015: The Year I Get My Spark Back

2016: My Year of Being not Doing

2017: My Year of Romance and Explorations in Love

2018: My Year of Adventure, which later went on to became My Year of Truth

And to my initial surprise, it worked to great effect!

What I loved about the setting these themes is that it made all of my choices and actions in allareas of my life so binary. I was either doing something in alignment with living in accordance with my theme or I wasn’t. I could easily check in with my theme anytime, anywhere, anyhow. A few examples…

2014: I hired my first coach and began working deeply with her to really begin making shifts in my life to get out of the life, love and career rut I had created for myself.

2015: I knew that my ex-boyfriend and I needed to stop all communication, it was just so unhealthy for us and so we did. Later that year I handed in my notice on my 8-year career and booked my tickets go and live out in Bali!

2016: When in Bali, I thought I’d be yoga-ing, meditating, lotus-positioning and Graphic Designing my way through my time there. Instead, I just had to lay back and rest, acknowledging just how burnt out I was after a couple of very stressful years living so inside my own head. As a result, I “being-ed” (new word) myself all the way into a new and entirely unprecedented career choice: Life Coaching! And I let myself be guided by synchronicity, great teachers and mentors through the rest of the year.

2017: Now this one was about injecting a little bit of love and romance into so many areas of my life: falling involve with my new career, my new found relationship with my body, feeling so good in this body to actually be able to handle going on dates which then led me very beautifully and serendipitously into a romantic relationship.

This theme stuff actually worked! In the space of 5 years, my life transformed incredibly and at a rate, I could never have imagined.

What I love about setting themes and why I still continue to invest time in doing so is that they allow me to be flexible, there are no penalties or beating myself up if it doesn’t quite feel right or I miss something.

Take 2018 as an example, a few months into my year of adventure, I knew that something wasn’t quite right. It had been a challenging start to the year and I knew my year was asking for something more of me first before adventure took to the stage, and that was Truth. As soon as I recognised this, things felt in flow again, so much so that by the latter part of 2018 I realised that the year had actually had a whole heap of adventure included under the guise of living through my truth. That’s the miraculous way this all works.

And so that brings me to 2019: My Year of Miracles. Six weeks in, this year has already been nothing short of miraculous from the grandest of ways to the most minute and I am very, veryintrigued about what lies ahead. There have most definitely been false starts, trips and falls interlaced amongst the successes and that is all part of living my life in this way.

What I most love about this is that in any given moment, no matter what has happened in my life, be it years or even moments before, transformation and progress are never out of sight. I always have and will always have the opportunity to begin again. 

As I say in my prayer every night “Tomorrow, may I be better”.

Happy New Beginnings to You.


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