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Here I am, still buzzing from the high that was last week’s Create Your Fearless Life, 5-day Facebook challenge!

Yes, it was running from 2-7th November but guess what?!


Uh uh, no way. I’m not ready to love you and leave you just yet. You don’t get rid of me that easily my friend!

The Facebook challenge is going to stay open until 1st Dec so you have plenty of time to get involved and be supported by not only me as your Fearless Life Coach but by the 60+ strong Fearless Family that are hanging out there as we speak.

This weekend was so beautiful, as part of Saturday’s Challenge Day, in addition to my 7-hour dance marathon, we had members of the Fearless Family…

  • Doing her own photoshoot to celebrate parts of her body she’d hidden away for far too long
  • Finally starting to write the first chapter of his book, spurring him on to continue it from here onwards
  • Sending out videos to unknown people in his professional network inviting them to join his first-ever workshop. He used the ability to go live and rehearse in the Facebook group and be supported by the Fearless Family to supercharge his invites
  • Having a difficult conversation that she’d been putting off and it going really, really well
  • Sending a video about her PhD to a huge professional network in order to gain work opportunities
  • And so many more!

It’s amazing what we can achieve in such a short space of time. Within just 5-days, we had people acting upon things they’d been putting off for far too long and had them holding back in life.

As a result of challenging themselves this way, they’ve already started to become so much more than who they were this time last week.

That’s pretty fricking awesome I think! Would you like to create that opportunity for yourself?

Remember, you’ve got until Tuesday 1st December to make the most of my support, the Fearless Family and most of all, YOURSELF, before the group is closed forever!!!!

Come and join us right here.

P.S. I’ve included a cheeky little bonus for you on 1st December if you do decide to join us!


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