💥 THE TENETS OF A FEARLESS LIFE 💥| Episode 08 – Doing what’s Right vs. Easy

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Here’s one from the Fearless Dating archives, Aug 2019!

Thank you to my friend and exceptional Healing Coach & Mentor, Aaron Timms for reminding me of the piece of gold that was absolute gamechanger for my Fearless Dating Coaching Croup Class of Summer 2019!

I’ve taken a snippet from a FB Live I did which I think is imperative for you when you want to Fearlessly Date!

Have a watch and let me know how you’re going to implement this.

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P.S. please excuse the ‘um’s’, ‘you know’s’, etc. I’ve worked hard over the year to eradicate them and become much more confident on camera and more articulate. It’s working! 😅💪🏽

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