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For most of my life, I was a very passive participant in my own love life, single for a lot of the time and not really willing to do anything about it. My single life was pretty barren and devoid of any male interest for a very long time. I went through most of my 20s never having dated. In that time I had somehow managed to get into two relationships, which I couldn’t quite believe, to be honest: I was so shocked that these men had actually chosen to be with me. The world of dating and relationships was completely alien to me and so by the end of a big relationship in 2013, I realised how utterly terrified it I was!

Meeting men went like this for me, whenever I was in an interaction with a man I would automatically write myself off. I mean why on earth would they be interested in me?! Look how skinny, ugly, hairy, pathetic I am. That list went on and on and on. And this is what my energy screamed out to every guy within a 100-mile radius of me! Very attractive right?

You see for most of my life, I was riddled with a deep anxiety about the way that I looked, I had such terrible and fractured relationship with my body. As far as I was concerned, I would never be good enough, least of all for myself, so why on earth would I choose to date, somewhere I had to be my most intimate and judged?! Surely that would just be setting myself up for the deepest type of hurt.

At the end of my relationship in 2013, I was so devastated because it was so beautiful. It was then that I knew something had to change. I had taken so much of my “not good enough-ness” into my past relationships and couldn’t even face the thought of making myself vulnerable to the world of dating for the first time. But I knew I also couldn’t go on living my life like this; feeling unworthy and unlovable and taking this person into all of my relationships and simple interactions with people. I knew that I deserved more and I knew that life deserved more from me.

So at the ripe young age of 31, I began dating! And I actually enjoyed it would you believe?! I loved the me I was now taking into all of these dates and I could see that being reflected back to me too. 

I remember early on in this journey I went on a date with a lovely guy, let’s call him Rayban. He and I were having a laugh and a joke over a few drinks on a very cold Burns Night in London. We decided to give the ’36 Questions to Fall in Love’ test a shot (highly recommended)! We hit the question where we had to share 5 things we really liked about each other and it was Rayban’s turn to go first. First, on his list, he shared how much he loved my hairstyle: thank you very much! And then he said, “I love that you’re so confident, you’re doing your own thing and don’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks and that’s really cool”.

HELLLLL YES!!! Finally! I made it! No longer was I hiding behind any false persona or dreading this encounter because I thought he’d see my every flaw. No. I finally took me, the real me, out on a date! No false pretences and IT. FELT. AMAZING (and surprisingly effortless too)!!!

I loved the reaction I got from one of the participants at last month’s ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out’ workshop when I shared this story. “That happened on a first date?!” she exclaimed.

Yes, it did!

There is absolutely no reason why dating can’t be filled with fun, honesty and real, deep connection. And we need to be the ones that are ready to bring it.

In addition to the Love & Relationship Coaching work I’ve done, I’ve also had the experience of working in the dating events industry and one of the most common conversations I’ve had with people is that they feel so bored, frustrated and disappointed with the dating process. To many, dating feels like a chore, something on their to-do list as opposed to what it’s meant to be: fun and exciting.

For a lot of the people I work with, they want to be in not only deeply fulfilling and loving partnerships, but ones that are fun and playful, exciting and fulfilling, so why would the journey towards creating this be any less than that? It shouldn’t feel like a chore, bore, another thing on your to-do. You can be serious about the result you’re hoping to create but not have to be so serious about the process of getting there. Let your hair down, have fun!

And so I’m on a mission to make dating fun and exciting again!

I am thrilled to introduce Fearless Dating: The Group Coaching Experience. A 3-month group coaching programme, plus integration process, beginning this February, where a group of up to 6 of you will together, all get ready to embark on exploring a journey of co-creating exciting, extraordinary dating experiences in your lives. 

I created Fearless Dating as a personal coaching programme, launching it earlier this year and as a result of the awesome journeys I’ve been on with my clients so far, I knew there would be so much value in offering people the opportunity to do this work as part of a supportive group.

This programme was borne out of my personal journey of growing in my confidence with not only dating but dating the type of people that really inspired me and that not only would I aspire to be with but that would aspire to be with me too! I wanted to learn how to date these people courageously and confidently and I wanted to learn fast!

Through deep coaching sessions, workshop and training, you and your Fearless Dating team will all support each other through this programme and we will delve deep into understanding why you want to be dating in this way and going out there and beginning to do just that. And you get to do this not only with my support but with your very own team of wingmen and wing-women at your helm, encouraging you every step of the way!

So, would you like to begin your journey towards dating truly extraordinary and inspiring people courageously and confidently? 

If the answer is an emphatic “YES!” then I’d love to tell you more about this programme so that you have all of the details to make sure it’s a great fit for you. If it all feels right then we’ll begin with a no-fee try-out. The journey you will go through as a result of the try-out process may lead to the programme or not but the journey itself will be of great service to you and a wonderful step forward on your journey. Just click on here and I can tell you more.


Want to know a little more to be sure if Fearless Dating: The Group Coaching Experience could be for you?

As part of this programme you will learn:

What do you really want?

You will get really clear on what you actually want and why you want it. Often we can make decisions without clarity which can lead to really haphazard and purposeless endeavours leaving us feeling defeated, disenfranchised and demotivated, just about ready to give up as we fall into the same rut with dating and relationships over and again. During this session, you will gain the clarity you have always desired in this area of your life.

Are you ready?

You will identify if your current life is conducive to create a truly extraordinary dating experience. Are there any blocks that have you dating in a way that you just don’t enjoy? Once identified, you will begin to remove them.

Show the world who you really are!

A hugely important part of this process is being willing to confidently communicate what we want out into the world and it all begins with you. You will learn a) what your values are and b) how to begin communicating them confidently.

And you’ll get to do this “on the job” so to speak during the second part of the programme: you’ll go out into the world, date and communicate deeply. Each time growing stronger and getting better and closer to that beautiful relationship you so desire.

Ready. Set. Go!

Here we will have the opportunity to reflect on your progress made so far as well as get ready to prepare for the Date & Create portion of the programme. We’ll discuss and identify the Wheres, the Whens and the Hows to meet your inspiring and extraordinary dates over the coming weeks to ensure you’re creating experiences that you truly enjoy!

That will then lead us to:

Date and Create!

All that you have learned and transformed over the last 4 sessions will allow you to begin showing up as your true self as you date. Together we will have the opportunity to get better as you practice these skills out in the world, bringing your real-life experiences into our coaching sessions and debriefing them with my support, gaining more clarity and refining your choices as a result so you get closer to that extraordinary relationship you so desire.

Which will then lead us into the final part:


Every 3 weeks after the main part of the programme concludes you will enter into the integration phase. This allows you ample amount of time to go out into the world and continue testing out your new skills of creating exciting and fun dates with great people and developing your relationship skills. We’ll use these sessions to celebrate your successes and identify opportunities for further development and growth.


As part of Fearless Dating: The Group Coaching Experience, you will receive:

  • 10 Virtual Group Coaching Sessions – all sessions will be 2.5 hours in duration (excluding Session 4, see below)
  • 1 In-Person Group Coaching Workshop – Session 4 will be a 5-hour workshop at The Hoxton Hotel in London
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions – you will receive two 80-minute private coaching sessions with me for you to use at any time throughout the duration of the programme
  • Access to a Secret Facebook Group for homework, support, connection, sharing, fun games and challenges outside of the coaching sessions. All group coaching calls will also be recorded and posted to this group for you to access at any time. This group and the calls will be strictly confidential

So, would you like to begin your journey towards dating truly extraordinary and inspiring people courageously and confidently?

Yes! I like the sound of this, tell me more!

Wishing you Love, Light and Miracles xxx


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