The Fearless Dating Retreat

This is a highly-interactive weekend where you will put the foundational elements of how to become a Fearless Dater in to action!

  • Do you want to stop feeling frustrated, disappointed and pissed off at your dating life?
  • Do you want your dating life to stop feeling like it’s out of your control, being dictated by someone or something else? To be in the driving seat of your love life – finally!
  • Would you love to have fun whilst dating and feel like it is indeed a worthwhile experience to go through and a meaningful way to spend your time?
  • How would it feel to be dating in a way that you actually look forward to because you know it is adding so much to the quality of your life, the person you are and are yet to become?

If you’d love for this to be your dating life, then why not join me for the Fearless Dating Weekend Retreat where we will cover everything you need to allow you to date in this way. This is your opportunity to delve into the Fearless Dating journey in a deep and immersive way.

You will:

  • Learn with clarity and meaning what you actually want from dating and relationships and why it’s so important to you
  • Get clarity on what you truly value in life so that this can further inspire and direct your dating decisions
  • Learn and practice the basic principles of how to create a deep and instant connection with your dates
  • Assess just how ready you are to date and identify any inconsistencies between what you say you want and how ready you are to receive it
  • Explore the opportunities of the ways to date that are available to you, whether we’re in lockdown or not, learn how to maximise these opportunities
  • Learn the skills to create meaningful dates that leave lasting memories and impressions for all the right reasons!

Join us for this Fearless Dating Weekend Retreat online on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August from 10am to 4pm on both days.

No longer will dating feel like something on your to-do list that is taking up your precious time. Now it will become a beautiful extension of the life you lead and how you’re choosing to create it.

I can’t wait to see you there! It’s time to transform your love life from the inside out! 💘

The workshop will commence at 10 am, concluding at 4 pm. We’ll have plenty of comfort breaks during the day to keep you fresh and active, as well as having a break to stop for lunch. All you need to bring along is a notepad, pen and some water or drinks to keep you hydrated and alert.

A Zoom meeting link you need to join this workshop will be sent to you once you’ve registered for this workshop.

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