The Fearless Dating Profile Makeover

Stop wasting precious time online, create a dating profile that gets you connecting with people you’re actually attracted to!

Create an online dating profile during the workshop that you can put to work instantly, regardless of the dating platform you are using
Receive personalised critique of any existing profiles and photographs you have to learn how to upgrade them right away
Finally enjoy dating online again!

If you’ve chosen to physically distance right now, you may be feeling anxious at the distinct lack of dates in your diary.

Whilst the number of online matches you receive may be increasing due to more people spending time indoors and feeling bored, the actual number of genuine connections may feel like they’re dwindling.

A significant contributor to this could be the quality of your online profile. And it’s likely it was hampering your chances even before we entered this time of physical distancing.

I see countless examples of clients coming to me with dating profiles that have the opposite of effect they’re hoping for, turning the people they like off rather than attracting them. Instead, they get a whole bunch of time-wasters they’re not attracted to, endlessly messaging them.

I truly believe dating profiles are powerful spaces to show the world who you really are. As one of my clients shared with me once we’d transformed her profile and worked on her online dating strategy:

Arti – I really enjoyed our session today. It felt so good to know I have your support in this online dating process because until now, it felt really hard. And working through my profile with you almost felt like I am creating my life, learning to be a bit more human and imperfect, as opposed to having to present a life all well put together! Thank you ❤️”

Some of the attendees of the July 20 of the Profile Makeover (emojis covering those who wished to remain confidential)

And here’s the experience of another Profile Makeover participant:

“I’ve just had a third in-person date with somebody I met online and seeing her again this week which is the best I’ve done on any online dating in the whole 10+ years I’ve been doing it. And also breaking a 3.5-year drought of any successful dating at all. 

I used the profile we created in the workshop and added a few more things using the tips you suggested. 

Thank you for helping me present myself in a new way that has thankfully, found me a very good match in dating.”

Attendees of the April 20 Profile Makeover (emojis covering those who wished to remain confidential)

My clients have reported enjoying online dating so much more once they’ve created and put their new profiles to work.

And if you’re thinking, “what’s the point Arti, I can’t meet anyone I like for dates right now anyway?!”

Well, I truly believe this is a time of great opportunity for digital dating. We humans are built to adapt and evolve and now is our time to do this with online dating too. I’ve seen several online dating events crop up, speed dating, video dating and so much more. So why not join in the fun?

As I shared with one of my clients, now is the time to develop your power of discernment. Discerning those casual and bored swipers, matches and dates to the ones that are honestly interested in connecting with you.

For all its faults, foibles and the bad press it receives, now is when digital dating could truly come into its own, so let’s use it powerfully. Start by creating your awesome dating profile right away!

So, what do you say, would you like to join me to become a powerful Fearless Dater online?

So, what do you say, would you like to join me to become a powerful Fearless Dater online?

Yes? Awesome! Book your spot right here and make sure you enter promo code ‘FEARLESS’ to grab £15 off the full registration price.

P.S. The workshop will commence at 10am, concluding at 2:30pm. We’ll have comfort breaks during the day to keep you fresh and active. All you need to bring along is a notepad, pen and some water or drinks to keep you hydrated and alert.

A Zoom meeting link you need to join this workshop will be sent to you once you’ve registered for this workshop.

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