Episode 01 Fear & Imperfection | The Fearless Dating Podcast

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The Fearless Dating Podcast has landed!

“Fearlessness is not about the absence of fear but rather our ability to acknowledge it’s presence and take action regardless” ~ Arti Joshi.

In today’s episode, it only makes sense for us to begin exploring all things Fearless Dating by first diving into what fearlessness actually means and how embracing it can radically transform your experience of dating and your ability to create intimate relationships as a result.

And with embracing fearlessness comes imperfection. We take a look at how imperfection can surface on the Fearless Dating path and how to harness and utilise it to your advantage.

Remember, if you want to continue exploring the insights discussed in today’s episode, you can download the Empowered Reflection Worksheets right here.

So if you hate dating?! Then you’re in the right place because The Fearless Dating Podcast is here to help you change all that!

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