The Fearless Dating Coaching Programme

Hello, my lovely, it’s so good to have you here!

You’re just one step away from beginning your very own Fearless Dating journey.

In just 11-weeks, you and your dating life will be totally transformed!

Let me share a few details about the programme…

The programme will run from Tuesday 16th June until Tuesday 25th August. What you’ll receive as part of this journey is:

9 Online Coaching Sessions each up to 2.5 hours in duration

2 Half-Day Online Workshops

Access to a Secret Facebook Group for support outside of coaching sessions, connection, sharing, fun games and challenges outside of the coaching sessions

Access to the recordings of each group coaching session and workshop if you ever miss a session or want to watch something over again. These will be kept strictly confidential

1 Private Coaching Session up to 3-weeks after the programme concludes, to integrate your Fearless Dating experience and design your journey going forwards!

So what do you say, are you in?

The fee for Fearless Dating is normally £2000 (£2200 in instalments) but through the commitment you have shown to the work at the Fearless Dating Retreat, I would love to honour that by inviting you to join with up to £800 (£700 instalments) off of the regular price.

So if you’d like to join in this fantastic opportunity, awesome! As soon as I have received confirmation of your decision I will be in touch with the next step.

I can not wait to do this with you! Know that I will be with you every step of the way.

In loving partnership always,
Arti xxx

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