💘 FEARLESS DATING 💘 Episode 15 Do you know what you want? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

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When you think about your ideal relationship, do you actually know what you want to co-create with someone? 

More often than not, I find that the answer to this question when I initially ask it of clients is “I think I do” or “not really, no”.

When I ask them to describe to me what it is they most desire to co-create the answers are often quite generic, flat and not very interesting or exciting. And I don’t mean exciting or interesting for me as their coach, but I mean for them. 

They don’t often answer the question with a lot of depth or aliveness: “I’d like to get married”, “Meet my forever partner”, “The parent of my future children”, etc. 

It often lacks depth and almost feels like they’re standing on the outside of their vision looking in on other peoples creations and relationship blueprints instead of fully immersing themselves inside of what is possible for them to create and what they’d want more than anything else.

If you find that you lack clarity and aliveness when you’re reflecting on this question then it is likely seeping into your dating experiences too. This can often lead us to make dating decisions that feel haphazard and purposeless leaving us feeling defeated, disenfranchised and demotivated, just about ready to give up as we fall into the same rut with dating and relationships over and again. 

It’s time to begin giving yourself the clarity you have always desired in this area of your life. Ask yourself, and let your imagination run wild, “what do I really want to create in this area of my life”? 

Enjoy exploring! 💘

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