💘 FEARLESS DATING 💘 | Episode 13 | Stop wasting your time and energy where it’s not wanted ⏰

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Do you find yourself trying to make a relationship work when it’s been made clear, either through your date’s actions or words that they’re no longer invested in it?

It’s common when we meet someone we like that we become hopeful it’ll work out. So even when the signs begin to show that the other party is no longer interested, we feel like there’s some way that we can make it work and change their minds.

You never want someone to feel like they’ve been convinced to be with you and invest in your relationship. You always want it to be a natural choice that they’ve made through feeling inspired by what they’ve experienced of you and your time together.

If someone has shown clearly (and it’s often more obvious than we care to realise) that they’re no longer invested, move on. For your sake, theirs and the sake of your future partner.

For as long as you’re time and energy is hung up on the wrong person, you’re blocking it from that person that would truly cherish it 💘

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