💘 FEARLESS DATING 💘 Episode 11 Why are YOU worth investing in? 💸

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In today’s episode, I discuss why it’s really important to not only figure what you want in a partner but SO important to get clear on what you’re going to give in your relationship to make it one that is worth investing in. What are you going to bring to the table so that your date knows that their time and energy spent with you is worth their investment?

I often find clients are very, very clear about what they’re looking to receive from their partner and are ready to communicate that but when I ask them what would make someone with all those qualities feel like they’re worth investing in, there’s a bit of radio silence.

Relationships grow and flourish through both partners being willing to bring their individual strengths and skills sets to create something that is beautifully unique and nurturing together.

Until we get clear on what those strengths and skills sets are, we are unlikely to attract the partner and the relationship we desire.

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