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What would happen if we removed the words “I can’t” from our language?

“I can’t find that right woman/man/relationship”

“I can’t stop attracting the liars/cheaters/bad boys (fill in the blank)”

What if instead we replaced these words with “I choose not to”?

Why? Because as soon as we realise that we have the ability to choose, we reclaim our ability to make a conscious decision and with conscious decision making comes power.

The power to do things differently this time around. The power to create a different experience and as a result, cause a different outcome. You reclaim your responsibility to yourself. Therein lies the power of choice.

As soon as we say “I can’t”, we have just handed over responsibility to something completely external to us. And what I’ve noticed in my experience is that when I say “I can’t” I don’t often question it. It becomes a given. An absolute. However, when I say “I choose not to” curiosity always gets the better of me and I have to ask why I’ve chosen to do or not do something.

How often do you catch yourself saying “I can’t”?

Today, let’s reclaim our power, let’s choose to choose.

Much love and light xxx


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