Body Appreciation, Photography, Life & Love with Magdalena Mahdy

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Last week I got to sit down with my wonderful friend Magdalena Mahdy of the gorgeous wedding and newborn photography company Love That Smile Photography and the awesome Rise & Shine Society. We waxed lyrical about all things body related and I was so excited by the journey she’s taken with her own body, I just had to share her awesomeness!

In this interview we discuss:

  • Magda’s epiphany about how her body was impacting her creativity as a photographer
  • How important it was for her to focus on her body’s strength, not weight or dress size
  • What going on this journey of focusing on and improving her relationship with her body has impacted her life
  • How Magda has created a new energy and zest for life, love and relationships
  • How we are so much more capable than we think

I hope you enjoy!

And be sure to check out her beautiful wedding and newborn photography work:

And also the wonderful community she’s creating for aspiring professional female photographers:

Both highly recommended! Thank you Magda!  xxx


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