Ode to a skinny girl

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Nyepi Day (day of silence) out here in Bali was extremely powerful for me. Being in the silence allowed a lot to rise to the surface, in particular this article. Intensely personal and more than anything a letter to myself but as with everything I’ve written up until to this point, I was compelled to share, just in case I could be of Service in some way…

For years I have been labelled a ‘skinny’ woman. In today’s society people seem to have a problem with us, especially when many of us don’t choose to be this way. Here is my, often unsung, plight of the skinny girl but I feel this song goes much further than just this body type alone. We live in a society that loves to label and people don’t often understand the emotional, long standing repercussions of this. We’re all so much more than this and this is why

Life By Design: My New Vlog Series!

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I just started my own YouTube channel guys! And my first project is ‘Life By Design’ a series of interviews with the most inspirational people, all on a journey to live life beautifully. I wanted to share their amazing journeys with you and also find out what tools they use to make their lives extraordinary! Here is my introduction to something I never imagined myself doing

Calling in “The One”

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So Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and for some, this can often make a certain ‘gap’ in our life seem more obvious. Images of perfect relationships, couples and romance are everywhere and can lead people to the false sense of belief that to experience love, you must look externally. That need not be the case, you are love and you can show yourself this in any moment you choose. I’ve even created a free little ‘I Am Loved’ playsheet in my blog for you to try and see just how easy it really is! This Valentine’s Day (and everyday) show yourself, your TRUE soulmate, some love.