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When COVID restrictions first kicked off here in the UK, I found myself thinking “WTF?! What now?! I’ve built this whole career around being a Dating Coach and what if no one wants to date right now, then what?!”

I was worried and for a while, two weeks to be precise, I pretty much stopped.

I didn’t do anything. I felt confusion, frustration, worry, a flurry of mixed emotions about how I was going to sustain my work, career and life. One of my coaches, James Lavers, dropped this nugget o’gold in a coaching session around that time…

He said, “Assume success.”

I heard him…

I heard that I could choose to sit around for more time, worrying, not acting, not creating and in doing so, what would that create more of for me?

More uncertainty. Less growth. More distance between my clients and community. Less of the life that I want and more of what I don’t.

I was not up for that AT ALL!

The words kept echoing in my mind “Assume success.”

This is what I took it to mean…

That no matter what I do, as long as I do something, it will be a success. Regardless of whether it fails (by conventional standards), the mere fact that I’ve tried and I’ve created, it will be a success.

The success will be that I produced a result. I won’t wait around for someone/something to save me.

I’ll take charge and responsibility for my life. I’ll step forward for opportunity and creativity to reveal themselves to me because I am willing to reveal myself to them.

That spring, summer and autumn, I experienced more success than I had done to date. It felt nothing short of miraculous. I was my most creative, energised, helpful and purposeful self. I was successful!

What could happen if you Assumed Success too?

Join me and your fellow Fearless Life participants for the Fearless Life Group Coaching Programme in February 2021 and give yourself the opportunity to fearlessly create more success in your life than you may have experienced to date. No more waiting for an external source to be the solution to the challenges in your life. No more letting what you deem to be a failure prevent you from creating more than you could ever imagine.


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