Are you waiting for permission to be you?

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I was early for a talk last winter and so I took myself off to the bar at the venue to grab myself a drink as I waited. A woman stood next to me to waiting her turn at the bar. I turned to ask if she was there for the talk, which she was and so we grabbed some barstools next to each other and started chatting.

Quite quickly into the conversation, we both shared our insights and thoughts on spirituality with each other and our conversation quickly deepened. She told me all about her thoughts, ideas and practices as a Baha’i and I shared with her my practice as a student of A Course in Miracles.

Immediately there felt like there was a sense of kinship and camaraderie as we talked about this amongst other aspects of our lives.

We ended up hanging out together for the rest of the talk bonding and learning even more about each other as the evening progressed.

As the evening drew to a close and we both headed for the exit home, we shared just how awesome it was getting to know each other, that we’d love to meet up again and that she, Sahar, mentioned that she was going to be running a yoga devotional in a few weeks and sensed that I would be interested in attending and she was right, I most definitely was.

I attended the devotional a few weeks later and remember thinking just how perfect and well timed the event was for me that day and I wanted more! I was so inspired that I thought I may just start running my own. That day I sent Sahar a message:

Me: “Thank you so much for facilitating such a beautiful devotional today. A very inspiring and beautiful space to share with such wonderful people. It was so aptly timed for me. Thank you again, I’d love to come to another.”

Sahar: “Awww Arti it really was lovely wasn’t it?? How easy it is to create a sacred and uplifting space. Yes, let’s do another one soon (whether yoga or not 🤣🤣)”

After that, we stayed in contact and at the beginning of the new year, as I committed deeply to my new theme for 2019 ‘my year of miracles‘, I text and wished Sahar a Happy New Year:

Me: “I have decided to make 2019’s theme my year of miracles so I’m looking forward to committing much more deeply to my spiritual practice this year! How about you?”

Sahar: “EXCELLENT! Mine is GROWTH…I was wondering, might you be interested to start regular devotionals with me? It’s something I’d like to do…If you feel it fits with your Year of Miracles, it could be awesome to create them together, say monthly? ❤❤❤”

Me: “Wow you read my mind, I was so moved and inspired by the last one…YES, I’d love to collaborate.☺💖🙏🏽”

And so our devotionals finally began this month! 🎉

Something so meaningful, fulfilling and beautiful for us both was created so quickly because we were so willing to just be ourselves from the very moment we met.

Often, especially when it comes to beliefs, ideas or something that we feel others just won’t understand or will think is too “out there” or weird, we hold that part of ourselves back. We wait for others to take the first step before we do. We wait to feel safe enough to reveal who we. But in doing so we miss out on a world of opportunities and connection with our people.

This is a common topic that comes up time and again with my clients, that of waiting to be given permission to be who we really are.

But we never need permission and we never need to wait to share who we really are.

Be unashamedly, unapologetically you.

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