My Journey So Far

METhis is a new adventure, since graduating from university in 2007, for 8 years I worked in IT but always felt a deep disconnect with my career choice. I knew I wasn’t doing the work I really wanted to do or showing up in the way that I was born to.

And so, in July 2015, I took the leap into my “unlived life. A journey to design my life according to my deepest desires and dreams, in true alignment with my values. It’s been and continues to be authentic, vulnerable, messy but most definitely gorgeous!

I believe that to live a life in alignment with all the things most important to us, we need to take a leap of faith. A few in fact. Keep taking them. In doing so, we don’t get closer to some far away goal or distant dream, we soon realise that with each leap we’re already living life the way we’re meant to. And with each leap we take, however big or small, we’re showing up to life and saying “I’m here! Really and truly here! All of me is in this!”.

This is my life in the making. I believe we can all leap in the ways our souls are constantly stirring us to and it’s my intention to help birth these beautiful creations for myself and my clients. I believe everything is energy and the creations we put out into the world have a vibration all of their own be they relationships, careers, works of art, everything!

So what do I do? I am truly honoured and grateful that through my own journey of taking many leaps of faith I have been beautifully guided towards work that truly lights up my life! I am a Life, Love & Body Freedom Coach. I work closely with those of us who feel ready to do the inner work to live our lives in a truly extraordinary way! I work with clients through one to one and group coaching programmes. To hear more about what I do or if you would be interested in working with me to co-create an extraordinary life, click here to find out more.

Thank you for stopping by and if you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you! Just follow this link.

Wishing you an abundance of Love. Light. Miracles. xxx