A Hot Mess!

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It’s funny, the serendipity of things.

I had the next episode of The Tenets of a Fearless Life lined up and ready to go out yesterday. Before I could get to that, however, it just happened that I had the final session with my coach during which I knew that I had to hit the brakes, screech to a halt on some of what I had been focusing on over the recent months and handbrake turn my way back to where I was a few months prior.

I’ll explain more detail when I film another self-growth Shit-Shifting episode but essentially the place I’m heading back to is Fearless Dating.

What do I mean, haven’t I always been there?

Well, for a few months I’ve been focusing on Fearless Life, trying to create it into its own entity just like Fearless Dating because it’s such an integral part of the work that I do with my clients.

You see, Fearless Dating doesn’t just happen in isolation. You get WAY more than it says on the tin. By choosing to become a Fearless Dater, you naturally step into living your Fearless Life.

It’s happened for my clients time and again and it’s happened for me too.

Trying to separate the two out, at this stage at least, feels unnatural. For the time I was focusing on Fearless Life, I missed my best mate Fearless Dating. A LOT!

Fearless Dating is where my heart and soul lies. This is where I feel I can make a real difference. This is where I can help people live and create their Fearless Lives just as much their Fearless Love!

So this is where you’ll find me hanging out and giving ruthless focus and attention over the coming days and year, with Fearless Dating. With Fearless Life being effortlessly woven into it, just as it’s always been.

Man, my social media profiles must look a hot mess! But who cares?! That’s life. That’s what’s real. That’s Fearless.

So what was the episode I was due to put out yesterday? I called it “Show What’s Real” and it was all about showing the world what’s really going on not just the curated version.

See…the serendipity of things ✨

P.S. that episode will still be coming out, just with a different invitation for you at the end 😉

Me “Honey, I’m hooooome!”
Fearless Dating: “Yes you are.”


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