Let’s Talk About…Love

Let’s Talk About…Love

A Monthly Meet Up dedicated to all things Love, Relationships, Dating, Romance & more!

How would you feel to being a part of a community of wonderful people all committed to creating loving and healthy relationships in their lives and have the opportunity to connect with them in person once a month?

Within this space, you will have the time to really bring your own experiences of love, romance, dating and relationships to a group of people all ready to listen to you and share with you their own experiences, all learning how to foster and support each other’s growth.

In response to requests from the attendees of the ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out workshops, Life, Love & Relationship Coach, Arti Joshi has been inspired to create this monthly meet up dedicated to all things Love, Relationships, Dating and Romance.

Once a month, a group of up to 15 will gather to share experiences, questions and more about your relationship experiences. This meeting is not just aimed at those who are single but also dating, in the early stages of relationships or even in much more established and committed relationships too, as we can all benefit from creating truly incredible relationships no matter what stage we are at with them.

You will have the opportunity to take part individual and group exercises, meditations and I will set exercises and challenges for you to practice and try-out on a monthly basis, reporting back within a safe and secure, members-only Facebook group as well as in the following month’s meet up.

If you’re ready to begin creating truly wonderful healthy and loving relationships in your life with the support of a loving community and your very own tribe of vision keepers and cheerleaders then click here to leave your details and I will contact you as soon as next meet up is arranged.

As part of your booking, you will receive registration to the meet up as well as access to the ‘Let’s Talk About…Love’ private members Facebook group for continued support and resource carefully managed by Arti.