Relationship Coaching Circle for Singles

Calling in “The One” Group Coaching Circle

You feel like you’ve tried it all!

You’ve trawled the self-help aisles of bookshops in search of the next best manual on how to be better in relationships, how to be more attractive and find out why they’re just not that into you

You’ve found yourself in numerous conversations with family and friends trying to figure out why your love life just seems to be doomed to failure

You feel like everyone apart from you seems to be getting this “love thing” right

You feel like your love life has disappointed you one too many times

You’re tired of doing it all on your own

How would it feel to you to be surrounded by a group of 4 like-minded souls all committed to making a huge change in their love lives, all on the journey towards true love together? How would it feel to receive the power of their camaraderie and heartfelt peer support?

The 7-week Group Coaching Circle is a wonderful opportunity to access exactly that alongside my Calling in “The One” coaching expertise as I facilitate an intimate group of 4 people who are truly ready to commit to doing the work in order to experience an unprecedented shift in their love lives as they undergo massive transformation to call in health, happiness and longevity in love.

Each week will give you the opportunity to deepen and expand into the premises, principles and practices of the book ‘Calling in “The One”: 7 weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life‘ by working through the 49 days of exercises with the support of your group.


  • Identify, release and transform the false beliefs and painful patterns that have been sabotaging your love life
  • Awaken to the truth of your value and your worthiness to receive great love into your life
  • Craft a powerful vision of happy, healthy love and begin showing up as a powerful co-creator of the future of love fulfilled in your life
  • Learn new skills and tools to help you create a great relationship with the beloved you call into your life
  • And become truly magnetic for true and deep love to come into your life

In these sessions, you will be able to sink into a beautifully intimate, safe and nurturing environment to focus on your most heartfelt dreams and desires. If you would be interested in joining this programme, please leave your details below and I will be contact you as soon as a new date for the programme to commence is scheduled.

With your commitment to contribute fully and wholeheartedly to this process and that of your new tribe of cheerleaders and confidants, you will experience a massive transformation not just in your relationships but in all areas of your life!

“My group coaching experience with Arti was like a sunrise. It opened my mind and heart to the core of what she truly believes in, ‘to heal from the inside out’. Arti’s seemingly endless enthusiasm and uplifting spirit shone through the entire session and made me believe there are proactive changes I can make to achieve my goals. She asked all the right questions to help me look within and to meet other like-minded participants was encouraging and supporting, and the trust gained within the group made it very easy to share honestly from the heart.” ~ Dipika, 32

“I’ve greatly enhanced my self awareness and understanding of my love imprint. I recognise much more easily the blocks I was putting in the way to love. The level of worthiness I feel as a result of going through this process is immeasurable. I’ve woken up to my true love purpose by looking at myself through a new lens, being asked questions I’ve never been asked before and participating in this group. I would recommend to friends looking for something meaningful and those ready to change their inner love life and their outer one. The weekly format was good. Daily exercises were helpful to keep you mindful of your goal. Arti was thoughtful, articulate, sensitive and compassionate. Most of all she was empowering and encouraging! Love Arti! She’s a special soul.” ~ Trish

The programme will begin with you and I having one no-fee 80-min Introductory coaching session together to decide if this programme is the right fit for you*. If we decide that it is, the programme includes:

  • 7-weeks of 2-hour online group coaching every week**
  • 1 private online 80-minute Coaching Session for Week 3 of the programme
  • Access to a private Facebook group for you and your coaching circle members only to share your progress and get extra support from myself all members of the group
  • Upon completion of the programme, you and I will have an 80-minute Personal Integration Coaching Session to acknowledge and celebrate how you’re living through this work and to allow you deepen your work where you are presented with new opportunities for growth

Please leave details of your interest in this programme below and I will contact you as soon as a new date for the programme to commence is scheduled. I will arrange for us to speak so we can get to know each other, for you to hear further details about the programme and ask any questions you may have:

By clicking the Send button below you agree to me being touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. You can change your mind at any time by contacting me at I will treat your information with respect and it will never be passed on to third parties.

*I would highly recommend attending the Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out 2-hour workshop prior to this programme, new workshops are now taking place and tickets are only £6. This will give you the opportunity to sample what the coaching work will feel like as well as giving yourself a headstart on the Calling in “The One” process. In addition, you and I will have the opportunity to meet in person ahead of our personal coaching session.

**You will be required to have your own copy of the book ‘Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life‘ prior to commencing the coaching circle.

This group coaching circle is open to all genders and sexual orientations, the only requirement being that you are over 21 years old. 


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