Fearless Dating Personal Coaching Programme

Are you ready to date truly extraordinary and inspiring people courageously and confidently?

FEARLESS DATING is a dynamic personal coaching experience where, using deep coaching practices, meditation, visioning, immersion and more, we delve deep into understanding exactly why you want to be dating in this way and going out there and doing so. This is a private coaching programme and we will meet virtually via Zoom every 2 weeks over 8 sessions.

Session 1 – What do you really want?

You will get really clear on what you actually want and why you want it. Often we can make decisions without clarity which can lead to really haphazard and purposeless endeavours leaving us feeling defeated, disenfranchised and demotivated, just about ready to give up as we fall into the same rut with dating and relationships over and again. During this session, you will gain the clarity you have always desired in this area of your life.

Session 2 – Are you ready?

You will identify if your current life is conducive to create a truly extraordinary dating experience. Are there any blocks that have you dating in a way that you just don’t enjoy? Once identified, you will begin to remove them.

Session 3 – Show the world who you really are!

A hugely important part of this process is being willing to confidently communicate what we want out into the world and it all begins with YOU! You will learn a) what your values are and b) begin communicating them.

And you’ll get to do this “on the job” so to speak: you’ll go out into the world, date and communicate deeply. Each time growing stronger and getting better and closer to that beautiful relationship you so desire.

Session 4 – Ready. Set. Go!

Here we will have the opportunity to reflect on your progress made so far as well as get ready to prepare for the Date & Create portion of the programme. We’ll discuss and identify the Wheres, the Whens and the Hows to meet your inspiring and extraordinary dates over the coming weeks to ensure creating experiences that you truly enjoy!

Sessions 5, 6 and 7 – Date and Create!

All that you have learned and transformed over the last 3 sessions will allow you to begin showing up as your true self as you date. Together we will have the opportunity to get better as you practice this out in the world, bringing your real-life experiences into our coaching sessions and debriefing them, gaining more clarity and refining your choices as a result, so you get closer to that extraordinary relationship and partner you so desire.

Sessions 8 – Integrate!

Every coaching programme I run always concludes with an integration process that takes place 3-4 weeks after the programme completes. This allows you ample amount of time to go out into the world and continue trying out your new skills of creating exciting and fun dates with great people and developing your relationship skills as well. We’ll use this session to celebrate your successes and identify opportunities for further development and growth.

So, would you like to begin your journey towards dating truly extraordinary and inspiring people courageously and confidently?

If the answer is an emphatic YES! Then please leave your contact details using the form below and I will be in touch with 48 hours and we can talk about beginning a no-fee try-out process together to ensure this programme is the best fit for you.


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