Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out


Why not use this time to learn about the power you’re holding to create happiness in your love life and make this your year of true love and romance. No matter what has happened to you in the past, you have a bright future in love.


“The Transform your love life workshop was part of a transformative year for me. I had a number of less than great relationships behind me and was coming around to the idea that my romantic life should be something I took more of a proactive stance on.

The workshop itself was intense, but Arti’s effusive warmth and sincerity put me at ease. In one evening session, a group of us were led through basic exercises that explored what we truly want from love and relationships. There was no time to be shy or embarrassed: we were getting to the core of our feelings in just a few hours. I can’t imagine what could be achieved given more time. Having opened myself to the experience, I had a new way to consider what I wanted from my relationships, and explored the methods used in the workshop further.

If you’re judging by results, I am overjoyed. I am now in the happiest relationship I have ever had. It is hard to express the change that happened in my way of thinking about love. It’s as if a dream came true for me once I took a few steps in the right direction. Arti started me on that path and I am so, so grateful.” ~ Nicole, 31

Come and learn about the principles that will transform your experience of love forever:

  • Begin to identify some of the hidden barriers that have kept you from having the love you deserve and discover how to release them
  • Learn how to shift core beliefs in order to receive the love you desire
  • Find out the keys to becoming magnetic to love to co-create a beautiful relationship with your soul mate and partner

During this evening workshop, I will take you through a series of heart opening interactive exercises, meditation and ritual to really allow for core shifts to be made and start you off on your journey to true love.

The workshops are a wonderfully intimate, nurturing and transformative environment with like-minded souls all connecting on this journey together. This workshop is open to all over 18 years of age: all genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Sink into a space that is truly a feast for all of the senses! Space for you to come home to yourself as your spirit comes alive and you allow for your heartfelt dreams and desires to now become your reality.

The workshop is scheduled to take place on Monday 29th October, check-in is from 6:30 pm to allow for a prompt 7 pm start. We will be in a private room called ‘The Saloon’ on the second floor (accessible by stairs only) of The Driver, Kings Cross. Register to secure your spot at this workshop today!

Here are some of the experiences of previous workshop attendees…

“Arti takes you on an immersive experience which helps you identify what is getting in the way of finding love. The atmosphere she creates takes you on a journey of discovery with a little self-care – a safe calming environment, beautiful music and most importantly, tools to identify your blockers to love and real actions to take away and start embedding in your life.” ~ Michelle, 36

“I was one of Arti’s first clients as part of her initial men’s relationship workshops and I felt very comfortable from the moment I arrived. The space Arti had created and the style that she used made for a really positive experience, so much so that I finished the session with a better mindset than when I arrived. There was something about the session itself which made me question a lot of my current behaviours and level of commitment to seeking a relationship and it was because of coming to this session I was able to do that. I recommend Arti to people that are looking to create a positive and pro-active mindset for seeking relationships and I give that recommendation wholeheartedly.” ~ Andy

“My group coaching experience with Arti was like a sunrise. It opened my mind and heart to the core of what she truly believes in, “To heal from the inside out” Arti’s seemingly endless enthusiasm and uplifting spirit shone through the entire session and made me believe there are proactive changes I can make to achieve my goals. She asked all the right questions to help me look within, and to meet other like minded participants was encouraging and supporting, and the trust gained within the group made it very easy to share honestly from the heart.” ~ Dipika, 32

“The exercises and conversations we went through in the evening were very well put together, to be thought-provoking and helpful. Everybody should regularly take time out like this, to reflect and rediscover in a group setting! Arti led the evening with gentleness and confidence and I felt very comfortable and safe with her at the helm! Arti is a very talented and wise facilitator. I feel very lucky to have been a part of groups she has facilitated and to have experienced the gentleness and thoughtfulness with which she holds space. Arti is very wise!” ~ Joe, 30

“The serene space instantly put me at ease, as did the selection of herbals teas! Hearing Arti’s personal story, her reassuring voice and a friendly group setting made me feel safe and reassured I was not alone in my journey to find love. In fact, it was hugely insightful to hear the others’ struggles. The tasks were simple but quite liberating. Despite not having read the Calling in “The One” book, I understood the concept and left feeling empowered knowing that love is a choice, not a consequence. I’ll be recommending Arti’s workshop to my friends – both male and female!” ~ Chrissy, 36

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Arti holds the space beautifully. She makes you feel at ease and really allows you to express yourself. I really enjoyed the exercises and felt that I learned a bit more about myself from them.” ~ Dave

“Arti created a beautiful nourishing and safe environment in which it was easy to delve deep into what keeps me from having the relationships I want in my life. I felt understood and supported and learned a lot about myself in just one evening.” ~ Natasha, 32

“Arti’s workshop provides a great introduction into Calling in “The One”. Sharing her own personal story in the small group setting made it much easier for an introvert like myself to open up and share my own blocks to love. The group exercises make you feel like you’re all in it together. The setting she creates is beautiful and she instantly makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her workshop.” ~ Nayma, 32

“If you truly want to stop yearning for the one and take action, this workshop is a must! Like many people I’ve read many books so know the theory, but this was different. The comforting feeling of being with like minded women, all open to possibilities was wonderful and reassuring. Arti’s calm, warm manner and honesty is inspiring. Don’t think about it…..sign up and experience it for yourself.” ~ Claire, 45

“I attended the ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out’ workshop not really knowing what to expect, initially feeling a bit nervous about sharing my feelings on such an important and private subject with the other people in the group. However, the evening totally took me by surprise! Arti and all of the group participants were very supportive and I felt positive and motivated as I left. Arti asks the right questions about our relationships and helps us to find the answers to those questions and to take immediate action. I would definitely recommend her coaching work to others.” ~ Banu, 42

“Arti created a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing environment to delve further into one’s self. Arti’s calm voice, the tranquil environment and friendly small group setting helped immensely in that I was able to open up and feel comfortable in doing so. The exercises were straight forward, yet at the same time clarifying and caused you to look within and see what you need to do in order to move forward in relation to matters of the heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Arti to you, she has a beautiful spirit, is honest, uplifting and friendly. I say go for it!” ~ Anita, 33

“The ‘Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out’ workshop was a journey of self-discovery in a safe and nurturing environment. I could not believe how the time flew, but how it also felt like a lifetime in terms of the bonds and support network built. We delved into emotional depths and were guided through to an exciting and inspirational light, with the healing and expert hands and words of Arti. I left putting words into action within the first week. Whilst I felt that the workshop felt like a full circle experience, I would return for further sessions whenever I feel I need a boost.” ~ Melanie, 33

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