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Are you ready to create a miracle in your love life?

Calling in “The One” is a 7 step coaching program to release your inner obstacles & become magnetic to love.

As a certified Coach who has been personally trained and mentored by the author of this ground-breaking work, Katherine Woodward Thomas, I will guide you step by step through this internationally acclaimed programme to help you identify and release your inner obstacles to love, evolve beyond the painful patterns of your past and become powerfully magnetic to the right partner for you.

Calling in “The One” is a uniquely powerful approach to finding great love that has helped hundreds of thousands of people attract true love into their lives. I offer Calling in “The One” personal coaching services online via Skype and run live workshops and group coaching in London, see below for further details.


In just 7 weeks, you will…

  • Identify, release and transform the false beliefs and painful patterns that have been sabotaging your love life
  • Awaken to the truth of your value and your worthiness to receive great love into your life
  • Craft a powerful vision of happy, healthy love and begin showing up as a powerful co-creator of the future of love fulfilled in your life
  • Learn new skills and tools to help you create a great relationship with “The One” you call into your life
  • Become truly magnetic to the perfect partner for you

How we can work together…

If you feel called and ready to awaken to the power you have to call happy and healthy love into your life, I would be honoured to join in partnership with you as we work through the Calling in “The One” programme together. Click here to find out more and schedule in your no-fee 30-minute discovery call with me. Here we can discuss where you are at in this area of your life, where you’d love to be and how, through the power of personal coaching, we can work together to get you there! I currently offer personal coaching sessions online via Skype and so this programme is open to all.

“Arti is truly gifted at quickly getting to the heart of the matter. She is compassionate, intuitive, and an excellent communicator. The experience was refreshing and nothing like any other coaching experience I’d previously experienced, it was on a much deeper level. One of the most valuable takeaways for me was my increase in self-awareness. The journey helped me to unpack what was important to me and to have the confidence to make changes to inauthentic relationships which were not in tune with my beliefs and values. I no longer feel drained and held back but instead happier, calmer and more confident and more equipped to handle difficult conversations. I am being more true to myself. Thank you Arti!” ~ Robbyn, 39

The 2 hour Transform Your Love Life from the Inside Out workshop will take you through a series of heart opening interactive exercises, meditations and ritual to really allow for core shifts to be made and start you off on your journey to true love. Come and learn about the principles that will transform your experience of love forever by beginning to identify some of the hidden barriers that have kept you from having the love you deserve and discover how to release them. Learning how to start to shift core beliefs in order to receive the love you desire. And find out the keys to becoming magnetic to love to manifest your soulmate. Click here to learn more about upcoming workshops and book your spot.

“Arti takes you on an immersive experience which helps you identify what is getting in the way of finding love. The atmosphere she creates takes you on a journey of discovery with a little self care – a safe calming environment, beautiful music, delicious tea, a foodie treat and most importantly tools to identify your blockers to love and real actions to take away and start embedding in your life.” ~ Michelle, 36

The 7-week Group Coaching Circle is a wonderful opportunity access my Calling in “The One” coaching experience in addition to the camaraderie and heartfelt peer support of likeminded souls all on a journey towards true love. Each week gives you the opportunity to deepen and expand into the premises, principles and practices of the Calling in “The One” process. Click here to find out more.

“My group coaching experience with Arti was like a sunrise. It opened my mind and heart to the core of what she truly believes in, ‘to heal from the inside out’. Arti’s seemingly endless enthusiasm and uplifting spirit shone through the entire session and made me believe there are proactive changes I can make to achieve my goals. She asked all the right questions to help me look within, and to meet other like minded participants was encouraging and supporting, and the trust gained within the group made it very easy to share honestly from the heart.” ~ Dipika, 32